Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Star Gazing at Crater Lake

foto pemenang National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2011 ini membuat saya kagum.
Terlihat bagaimana dia memasukan unsur fun, happy, dan juga keindahan alam di dalam satu frame dengan menakjubkan. Bukan sekedar foto malam bertabur bintang yang "polos" seperti yang biasanya saat ini saya hasilkan :D

mantap... next trip coba memasukan unsur manusia juga ke dalam foto2 malam ahhhh

Here on my first time visit to Crater Lake National Park, I wanted to leave with an image that I could look back on and remember the experience. I was with a friend taking pictures also, and before I took the picture, I called over to him and said, "Hey man, watch this!" With a laugh, I spread my arms out and fell backwards into the snow. A second later, the camera timer clicked the shutter and the long exposure began. After the shutter clicked back closed, I stayed on the ground for a good while staring up mesmerized by all the sparkling stars overhead.

Star Gazing at Crater Lake

 Photo and caption by Ben Canales

source :
First Place Winner: Star Gazing at Crater Lake - Traveler Photo Contest 2011

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